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Ryan S.San Diego, CA
I’ve had Baron and his guys at Sound Check do quite a bit of work on my F-150. They always seem to have extensive knowledge towards anything I bring them and always get the job done right. On top of that, they are the most respectable group of guys- Baron is always completely straight forward with me and treats me with the utmost respect.

I should have written them a review a long time ago, but what really got me today is when I went in to have a new Navi Screen installed- because my old one has been giving me problems (black screens, iPod connection was super spotty, etc.) Baron and his technician not only figured out the problem and set up my Bluetooth for me, but they didn’t try to up-sale me on the new screen. They were completely honest with me and told me that basically my screen was good to go and I’d be losing features if I went with another one. In an industry where margins are huge and there is quick cash to be made on components, and believe me I was ready with cash in hand for a new screen, it means a lot to me that they were so honest.

Go see for yourself, these guys are the real deal. They can handle anything you can think of. You won’t be disappointed!


Chris B.Kearny Mesa, San Diego, CA
These guys did a full audio system upgrade (amp, sub, components & rear view cam) on my 2013 Subaru Impreza WRX 2 years ago. Their work is incredibly professional, and the sound system has performed amazingly w/out a hiccup until my dog sat on the amp last week. I took my car in yesterday to have them look at it, and w/no questions asked, they fixed the problem in 15 mins. I know that there are a lot of choices out there when it comes to choosing an installer, but with Baron at Sound Check Systems you get a complete personal experience and you don’t feel like just another customer that’s paying another companies bills. All that is nice, but coupled w/the professionalism and amazing work they provide, I’ll continue to go back as needed. Just my two sense.
Calvin H.San Diego, CA
After my second and last remaining alarm/keyless entry went bad I finally decided to just bite the bullet and upgrade the car alarm system to something more modern. I ended up deciding on getting a Viper alarm. The annoying thing about Viper is that they only provide support and warranty services if you have the unit installed by an authorized shop so that ruled out doing it as a beer powered weekend project.

According to the manufacturer website, there are only about four shops listed as authorized installers, with Sound Check Systems being one of them. I did my due diligence and got quotes from all of them. In the end they were about the same, except for one which was absolutely absurd (San Diego Car Stereo). But Sound Check seemed like the best choice because of Baron.

Baron was really great and pleasant to speak with. He didn’t come off like a snob like some other shops and he was super helpful providing his experience and insight in answering all the questions I had. He even gave me a demonstration in his personal car which had a system similar to the one I was looking into.

The work itself to remove the old system and install a new one was done by the other staffers and took an entire day but that was to be expected and I didn’t have a problem with that. The quality of work seems good and I haven’t had any issues. I will definitely go back to Sound Check if I have any other car related needs.

Nicole B.Spring Valley, CA
Sound Check Systems does AMAZING work!! I drive all the way from Spring Valley to give Sound Check my business. Their tint jobs never fade or bubble like most places, but just in case that ever did happened, they also provide a lifetime guarantee on their tint work!!! They have put window tint on all of my vehicles and they are the ONLY company that I will use for future vehicles. Baron is fantastic to work with. He is kind, professional, and accommodating. He always puts the customer first and works with my schedule so I can drop off/pick up my car at my convenience. Don’t waste your time, going any other place. SOUND CHECK IS THE BEST!!!! THANK YOU, BARON!!!!!
Andrew B.San Diego, CA
Where to start… I can not begin to express my gratitude to this place.

I came here on yelp, after being to two different places where they couldn’t fix my audio system. It all started from one place where they replaced my battery for a good deal. I know I didn’t need a replacement, my sound system drains my power and I had to jump it once this month because of my lights being on; but I did it anyway since they’re a reputable company and the price was right. Then my system started to whine. They referred me to an audio installer down the street when they said it wasn’t their fault; not only did the problem get worse, but they sold me new rear speakers along with audio adapters saying that it will eliminate the problem. It sure did not.

The whine was unbearable, I kept hearing popping sounds, and I couldn’t drive my car for more than 20 minutes without getting a headache.
I found this place on yelp with 5 star reviews and decided to e-mail the owner.

Baron and Joel were very prompt, replied back to my e-mail, and set an appointment.

It took a week to get my problem fixed, but it was well worth the wait. As a computer technician, I know how things work, how parts need to be ordered, and turnaround times get pushed. I didn’t care, I wanted my problem to be fixed, and if an installer says they will do whatever it takes to get it to work i will take their word that they will deliver.

The other installer looked at my car for five minutes and offered a solution that did not work.

Baron’s crew looked at my car for over two hours, and offered a solution that did work. That’s how quality and customer service should be.
Angel worked on my car, tore everything apart, replaced my RCAs, grounded my motor, checked the grounds, grounded my alternator and motor, shaved the paint from my car to the metal on the ground for the amp, changed my head unit, tried a different amp, went the extra mile to get it fixed. Even with all of that the whining was still there, but very faint. I said it was fine, but Angel wasn’t satisfied and kept going. He ended up putting high-low pass filters in my cables which worked, and the sound was completely eliminated. As a new resident to California, this place has my business. I already bought a new amp, and will plan on getting new front speakers along with window tints in the future.

Most places won’t fix other installers mistakes, this place will, and will get it done. Thank you Baron and crew for taking the time to make things better, and delivering on your guarantee to fix it.

Tony S.San Diego, CA
My car never sounded so good! Give them 10% of your trust & Barron, Joel & Angel will earn the remaining 90%!
After shopping around for a few days looking for a place to upgrade my stereo by adding an amp & sub. The important thing for me was that it had to be a clean install as in no scratches or scuffs on any of the interior taking stuff off and putting it back on, and they had to use superior supplies, as in speaker wire, amp kit and good RCA cables.
As soon as I spoke to Barron I instantly realized he knew what I meant and addressed my concerns by informing me of the multiple options I had for install kits and the fact they had Grade A+ installers that took their time and did things right the first time.
Please give Sound Check Audio a chance for them to earn your business, call them first prior to pulling the trigger and going to another Audio dealer, with competitive pricing and top notch customer service, this hidden gem in Kearny Mesa won’t stay hidden for too long!
John-Paul F.San Diego, CA
I went to Sound Check to get a Parrot Mki9100 unit installed in my 2007 Honda Odyssey so I could stream phones calls and music from my iphone to through my car stereo system. They did an outstanding job. I had previously had the same thing done in my Infinity G35 by another install shop that didn’t do a good job (weirdly installed with resulting crappy sound) but the guy’s at Sound Check took the time to really understand what I needed and then got everything done professionally and on time. I liked the set up in my wifes Odyssey so much that I took the Infinity in so that they could re-install the parrot system for me. For some reason when Sound Check re-installed the system the sound had no bass and was also a lot quieter than it had been previously (as well as quieter than in the Odyssey). This was really frustrating since I had now paid for two installs and still didn’t have a good system. The owner of Sound Check couldn’t have been better about it. He promised to do what it took to get it right and then spent a week researching the problem calling both parrot and the company that made to harness to find a solution. In the end the harness company supplied two new harnesses to try and Sound Check tried installing both of them (all at no cost) to see if either would fix the problems. Fortunately the second of the two harnesses did the trick and I can finally enjoy the system. I will definitely be using Sound Check for all my car stereo needs in the future and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
Amanda D.San Diego, CA
Sound Check Systems saved our weekend. Our car stereo would not shut off even once the car was turned off! This meant that the car battery would drain constantly and the car would not start without being jumped! It was a Saturday morning, and we called Sound Check Systems worried we wouldn’t have a functioning car all weekend, or even to get to work on Monday. They got us right in and found a solution – even though the stereo had not been installed there (it was an after market system that was in the car when we bought it used). Very reasonable price and friendly, straightforward service. Thank you Sound Check Systems!
Edelisa C.San Diego, CA
This review is for the Auto window tinting. I was referred to this place from my mechanic. I brought in my 2007 Nissan vehicle and spoke with Juaquin. He did an awesome job with the tint and it comes with a lifetime warranty. I couldn’t be happier with the results and I was charged a fair price for it. I also give this place a definite plus for accommodating last minute walk-ins like myself.
I would definitely be a repeat customer for my next vehicle.
Patrick A.San Diego, CA
I wish I would have come here first. I had a terrible experience with another shop. Check my other review if you want to know who.

They were never able to get anything working correctly, or when they “fixed” something, something else stopped working.

Fast forward to Sound Check. I was talking to Phillip at Bumper Doc on Convoy (awesome place and guy BTW), and he saw the alarm brain sitting there (see other review), he calls Baron at Sound Check, and he says he’ll take a look at my car and fix everything that the other place messed up.

I bring it there the next morning, and met Baron and Jimmy at the shop. Excellent experience. They were able to fix everything that the other shop could not after visiting them 3 times. You will definitely not be disappointed taking your car here.

There were even able to fix my power door locks. They have a customer for life. I will be bringing my other cars here. I have a friend that has had his alarm installed by that same other shop, that has also had issues, here to fix a few things. How is that other place getting 5 stars?

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