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Hornet Alarm Systems

For those who have made the decision to install a Hornet car alarm there is a choice of models. Whichever model you may choose, it is going to improve the value of your car. Alarms are becoming an expected requirement in any car.

The systems that fall under the brand name of Hornet range from the more basic to the most innovative system. The system of your choice will depend entirely on your requirements. The following are examples of two of the hornet car alarm security systems currently available:

STANDARD SERIES 720T (Hornet Car Alarm)

  • Active arming
  • 2 dual button remotes
  • silent mode
  • double guard shock sensor adjustable via remote
  • up to 100ft remote control range
  • programmable current sensor
  • panic mode from transmitter
  • warn away
  • additional input/output: light flash, sensors, ground when alarmed

PRO SERIES MODULAR (Hornet Car Alarm) with Standard Series features plus

  • active/passive mode
  • over 100 ft remote control range
  • power door lock outputs
  • remote valet
  • remote silent mode
  • nuisance protection circuitry (NCP)
  • status LED light
  • two or three channel receiver
  • stinger double guard shock sensor

There are two factors that are important to a car owner. The car alarm must be affordable and provide full protection. Protection is the reason for installing a Hornet car alarm. There is a choice of products from this manufacturer. The installation of a Hornet auto security system will get a saving on your car’s insurance payments. Having an alarm for your car will affect your insurance payments.

It is important to all insurance companies to have proof of a car owner’s obligation to the safety of his or her car. A car is an expensive investment and everything possible should be done to protect it. The installation of a Hornet car alarm will satisfy any insurance company that all has been done. The manufacturer of this brand is constantly keeping abreast with the latest developments in car security.

Many new cars come with keyless entry systems. This is a great convenience to the new car owner and also to the insurance companies. However, because of the latest developments, a Hornet car alarm security system has the ability to integrate with the systems already installed. This is another convenience as many car owners do want the latest security features as they become available.

This is one area where keeping up with the Jones’ is a good idea. There are features in certain systems that allow the car owner to implement the transmitting of a text message as soon as the alarm is set off. This particular feature has proved very useful as it informs whether the car was knocked or drive away. Another capability of a Hornet car alarm system is having the gas supply cut off so that the car cannot be driven away during a robbery.

By installing a Hornet car alarm you are not only securing your car against theft. An alarm system also protects the occupants of the car. The fact that the system is a warning device in the case of any emergency occurrence is an advantage. The advantage is not only for the benefit of the insurance company but also to you.