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Clifford Car Alarms and Remote Starters at Sound Check Systems

Clifford Alarm and Remote Start Systems

Keeping your vehicle safe and secure is a top priority for every household. With insurance premiums ever on the increase, a Clifford car alarm system can protect your vehicle and valuables from unwanted intrusion and theft.

Having been in the business for over 20 years, a Clifford car auto alarm is outfitted with cutting edge technology and intuitive design.

A review of several Clifford car alarm systems follows to provide some insight into the features and functionality of Clifford models.

Matrix 70.5X Security with remote start

A six channel remote start security/keyless entry system complete with a revenge six tone siren. The system starts with the push of a button with confirmation provided up to a quarter of a mile away. The system also alerts the end user by beeping when out of audible range of the siren. The icons and animations provide a user friendly setup and the unique defroster output is a handy functional addition.

Matrix RX 3.5 Security with remote start

This 6 channel remote start and security keyless entry system with transceiver LCD screen triggers alerts by either vibrating or beeping when outside the audible range of the siren. The system also allows remote startup and confirmation from a distance up to a quarter of a mile away. This Clifford 2 way car alarm is fitted with a dual zone shock sensor and six tone siren. It is also equipped with a parking light flash.

Matrix RX3.2 Security with remote start

This LED 2-way security system has built in confirm commands and system triggers using flashing LED’s on the transceiver. A value priced security system complete with dual zone shock sensor, six tone siren, defroster output, parking light flash and dome light supervision.

Matrix 12.5X Security

This 6 channel 2-way security and keyless entry system is equipped with on board door lock relays, parking light flash, six tone siren, remote adjustable dual zone shock sensor and super bright LED system status indicator. This 2 way Clifford security system also features keyless entry, interactive confirm commands, easy to understand icons and text and beeping or vibrating security system triggers.

Matrix 12 Security

This Clifford Matrix car alarm system features keyless entry, six tone siren, remote adjustable dual zone shock sensor, horn honk, parking light flash, onboard door lock relays and comfort closure.

With billions of dollars of vehicles stolen on an annual basis, a Clifford car alarm system such as this could be just what you need to avoid becoming a stolen vehicle statistic.